The Coming Israel Awakening Paperback Book

Artist: James W Goll


Barcode: 9780800794408

£4.75 (was £12.99)
It's a critical hour for both Israel and the Church. From across the world, two parallel movements are gaining momentum among the Jewish people. Many have been returning to Israel, reclaiming it as their homeland, and many more are claiming Jesus as their Messiah. Many believers think we are witnessing the beginning of the glorious, biblically foretold restoration of the Church and Israel and that God is calling us to take our places. But how can we participate in His plan if we don´?¢t understand what is happening? James Goll invites you on an insightful journey deep into God´?¢s heart as he shares: ´?¢ an understanding of the critical relationship between the Church and Israel ´?¢ miraculous testimonies of Jews awakening to the call of Jesus around the world ´?¢ a fascinating historical perspective of Jewish history from Exodus to the present day ´?¢ a prophetic look ahead at God´?¢s plans for the Jewish people and the Church´?¢s important role As you peer into God´?¢s heart for His beloved, you will discover your place in prayer and cooperative action during this momentous time in history. 288 pages