10 Building Blocks for a Solid Family Paperback Book

Artist: Jim Burns


Barcode: 9780830747832

This honest and enlightening book from one Christian parent to another is filled with encouragement and time-tested techniques for anyone who wants to ensure the health and happiness of their own family. Jim Burns will be the first to tell you that no family is perfect - including his own - and in 110 Building Blocks for a Solid Family1, he emphasises the heartening news that most parents do a good job of parenting but just don't know it. Burns includes stories taken from interviews with parents and experts on family relationships, covering almost every aspect of parenting - from helping children deal with stress to learning to play together as a family. Learn the 10 essential principles for creating a strong, close-knit household, and discover a family that shines with love for God and one another! 224 pages