Words of Life January-April 2021

Christine Clement


Barcode: 9781912981229

Release date: 26/12/2020

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Reflect on bite-sized Bible readings that provoke thought and deepen understanding.

Lyrics in a song that became popular way back in 1955 suggest: 'Love and marriage... you can't have one without the other'. Aspects of love and loving relationships recorded in various Bible books are highlighted in the edition of Words of Life. Best known perhaps is Hosea - a powerful image of how God keeps on loving a nation that is persistently unfaithful to him.

In Song of Songs a collection of love songs between a man and a woman express something of the love of God for people like us. We also delight in Ruth's moving story. In the New Testament, readings from the Gospels of Matthew and John reveal Jesus' heart of love. Paul's teachings in 1 Corinthians seek to help believers lead Christ-centered, blameless, loving lives.

The guest writer of our Easter series if from Norway and writers form various other countries contribute most of our Sunday readings. on Saturdays we focus on the Sermon on the Mount and the Lord's Prayer.


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