Spring Harvest Praise One For All Songbook

Artist: Various


Barcode: 9781911237044

Release date: 04/04/2017

£11.99 (was £14.99)
Declarations of praise, anthems of enduring truth and harmonious expressions of adoration are all featured in the latest Spring Harvest Songbook. Full music scores for sixty songs are provided plus a unique download code to access Power Music where chord charts, sheet music, lyrics and indexing is available. A valuable and resourceful collection.

Song list (By first line, alternative title in brackets):
· All I have because of Jesus (I will boast in Christ)
· Amazing grace (Auld lang syne)
· Are you thirsty? (Living waters)
· Behold this King so innocent (Once for all)
· By grace I have been saved (Grace (Wide as the ocean))
· Can I walk the path less trodden? (Highway to the heavens)
· Christ was raised
· Come, come as you are (Come as you are)
· Come, Lord Jesus, in your glory (Come, Lord Jesus)
· Come thou fount of ev’ry blessing (Jesus fount)
· Even though I walk (You cover me)
· Father of kindness (Yes and amen)
· From heaven to earth our Saviour came (He lives)
· Give me all eternity (God most high)
· God in the here and now (We stand)
· God take us back, the place we began (Simple pursuit)
· God the uncreated One (King forevermore)
· Grander earth has quaked before (It is well)
· He is alive (This changes everything)
· He lavishes grace as our burdens grow greater (Everlasting arms)
· He’s coming on the clouds (Lion and the lamb)
· Hear our cry, oh King of heaven (Hope and glory)
· How sweet the name of Jesus sounds (O praise the name)
· I cast my mind to Calvary (O praise the name (Anástasis)
· I once was lost, I walked away (Your mercy)
· In this world we will face tribulation (We stand as one)
· I’ve heard a thousand stories of what they think you’re like (Good good father)
· Jesus, name I can’t forget (Our God (No place without hope))
· Let the King of my heart (King of my heart)
· Listen to the words of the risen Christ (Peace be with you)
· My hope is built on nothing less (Cornerstone)
· My life is a story bought by grace (Devotion)
· O victory, you have won (Champion)
· Oh the thought, the wrath that I had earned (How great the love of Jesus)
· Oh we look to the Son (Look to the Son)
· On the cross you were broken (Sing it out (He’s alive))
· Once bound by fear, so lost in sin (Our story our song)
· One church, one faith, one anthem raised (God and God alone)
· Praise be to our God (O what love that came)
· Spirit of God, come cleanse, renew (Every nation under heaven)
· The grace of God has reached for me (The Lord is my salvation)
· There is a God who has walked upon his earth (Emmanuel)
· There is a hill I cherish (Crowns)
· There’s nothing worth more (Holy Spirit, you are welcome here)
· Though the tears may fall my song will rise (Joy of the Lord)
· We are a flame that is burning bright (One family)
· We believe in one true God (Apostle’s creed)
· We fix our eyes on you, our Lord (Be formed in us)
· We have come to meet with you, O God (The mountain)
· We have hope for the coming days (We believe in God)
· We seek your kingdom
· You are matchless in grace and mercy (God with us)
· You give life (Great are you Lord)
· You have called us out of darkest night (May the peoples praise you)
· You heal the broken hearted (Impossible things)
· You unravel me, with a melody (No longer slaves)
· You were the Word at the beginning (What a beautiful name)
· You who fear the Lord
· Your love has led me to surrender (Surrendered)
· Your love so great, Jesus in all things (Love so great)