Seriously Funny 2

Artist: Adrian Plass & Jeff Lucas


Barcode: 9781850789673

Release date: 05/10/2012

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'Seriously Funny 2' brings you yet more musings from the Church's best loved comedy duo and an invitation to help yourself to another generous serving of wit and wisdom from two of the most entertaining and enlightening authors and speakers in print and on the stage today. Adrian Plass and Jeff Lucas drop their guard and let you listen in on another series of profound and frivolous conversations between the writer of The Secret Diary of Adrian Plass, Salvation and Bacon Sandwiches, and War of the Worlds, and the compiler of Lucas on Life and Premier/UCB broadcaster.

Reasons to buy, enjoy and give 'Seriously Funny 2' by Adrian Plass and Jeff Lucas:

• To get the encouraging hug you need in the sometimes baffling world of doing church
• For good read, a broad smile and bit of good news from two wise and witty men
• To escape the serious and discover the profound side of the Christian life
• For a humorous and compassionate take on the things that get under your skin
• As the perfect companion to Adrian and Jeff’s live stage tour and other writings
• The gift that shows Christians have a sense of humour and can laugh at themselves
• The book that shows Christians take God seriously – but not themselves!

‘Seriously Funny 2’ follows the thoughts and musings of two, anything-but-grumpy men, as they look for new insights on life, faith and God through their own experiences. Never rude or destructive, their gentle humour is both revelatory and restorative as they laugh at their own failings, wince at their pretensions and encourage each other – and us toward a closer relationship with God who loves us despite everything.

You can’t read this and fail to be lifted to something higher and see your fellow human beings with a new more godly view, finding him in everyone – even yourself!