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Giving Tuesday

A Vehicle for CLC Burkina Faso 

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa with a population of just over 20 million (60% are Muslim). In Ouagadougou, the capital, there is a mix of both Muslims and Christians. It is here that CLC has a small Christian bookshop, with the aim of providing Bibles and Christian literature.

clc burkina faso

CLC is aware that our current operations are inadequate for outreach to the interior where there are many believers in Christ who desperately need the level of discipleship that can come from sound doctrine and good books.

We believe the best way to do this outreach would be to purchase a sturdy and reliable vehicle which could be used as a mobile bookshop. With such a vehicle, our team could plan regular routes into the rugged interior with unpaved roads in order to be able to provide a steady supply of Bibles and Christian books. They are inspired to do this, thanks to the growing percentage of Christians in the country. 


Despite terrorist activity against Christians and others in Burkina Faso, there is still freedom of worship. The church is increasing and so is the number of readers! But these believers in the interior cannot easily make their way to the capital city and visit the bookshop. They remain where they are, with no provider for their literature needs. 



In the words of Sami Luc Noufé, the director of CLC Burkina Faso: “We would use the vehicle at the weekends to set up book tables in churches and we would also use it at any time to bring books and Bibles to conferences, conventions and camps. In a word, we want to bring the bookshop to those who cannot come to the bookshop - because for us, this ministry of evangelising and bringing Christians to maturity in their faith in the LORD, must be accessible to everyone, everywhere in Burkina Faso. This is our vision, our wish and our prayer.”


Approx. $22,000 US. Please note that these prices include the cost of the vehicle + freight + customs clearance fees. Would you consider sending a gift to enable us to purchase this vehicle in 2022? Thank you! 

CLC Bible Companion

A few years back we produced the CLC Bible Companion (also published as Open Your Bible) and we would like to send you a free copy of this wonderful resource for every donation over £25.

The CLC Bible Companion has over 800 pages with studies, introductions and helps to enable you to dig into God’s Word.