101 Moments Of Hope Paperback Book

Artist: Edward Grinnan


Barcode: 9781609366018

Hope is knowing that people, like kites, are made to be lifted up, someone once said. In 101 Moments of Hope, Edward Grinnan lifts our spirits with glimpses from his life. When Edward began writing devotionals these personal stories that share how he experiences his life on a daily basis from the perspective of faith he found himself seeking spiritual lessons in daily living. The seeking enriched his soul and deepened his faith that God could touch any of us at any moment of our lives. With each story he writes, Edward learns something more about his relationship wit God. He learns and you will too to ask, to seek, to wait, to listen, to trust, to love, to yield to God, and much more. While the four seasons bring change, you will discover hope is changeless: God with us. 144 pages