1200ft Below Sea Level CD

Artist: Jason Upton


Barcode: 798576403324


Recorded live in various venues across America in 2007 and 2008, '1200 Feet Below Sea Level', the newest CD from Jason Upton, finds Jason expressing the heart of God for His people through song, instrumental spontaneity and spoken word...
Utilising his songs as vehicles of artistic expression, Jason leads his band and those in the audience into a contemplative, and yet, explosive musical devotion of what it means to follow Jesus and what it means to believe that the 'kingdom is at hand".
For those who have followed Jason's music over the years, '1200 Feet Below Sea Level' has an inviting familiarity to it, which is the launching pad for what seems to be a new, fresh and very needed intensity to focus our entire lives on Jesus as our Lord. Jason handpicked this collection of captured moments from various live events for the sole purpose of encouraging, empowering and engaging the body of Christ to come alive and to come into its eternal calling.