A B Simpson: His Life And Work Paperback

Artist: A E Thompson


Barcode: 9781600660009

£8.49 (was £9.99)
In the title A.B. Simpson: His Life and Work by A.E. Thompson we find a classic biography about A B Simpson written about his life and work, his evangelical work and his life long founding of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. A.B. Simpson established a publishing house and edited a weekly magazine written for over 40 years, and wrote over 100 books. A.B. Simpson was a pastor of several churches and raised social ministries, founded a college and wrote dozens of hymns and gospel songs. A.B. Simpson: His Life and Work reveals the hand of God in and upon a single life whose words and works continue to enrich the whole church and world. A.B. Simpson was a man whose ability was able to convey God's love through his preaching. C.I. Scofield wrote, "I count A.B. Simpson the foremost in power to reach the depths of the human soul." And he was described by others as a giant of supernatural strength with a velvet touch. A. W. Tozer wrote of A B Simpson that "The true test of spiritual greatness is permanency. By this test A.B. Simpson stands triumphant." D.L. Moody said, "No man gets at my heart like that man." Noting A.B. Simpson's love of God through his preaching to the people he loved. 240 pages