A Creation Liturgy



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Gungor, a collective of musicians defying the rules of modern music, share their spiritual touring experience in their latest live album 'A Creation Liturgy'. From the band that brought us the song 'Beautiful Things' comes another incredible expression of worship through music and voice. The unconventional group decided they didn't want to 'perform' their music to a cheering crowd, nor did they want to label their gigs as a 'worship service'. Instead they compose three movements, each expressing and exploring intersecting ideas like: art and spirituality, faith and doubt, hope and social action. At these 'Beautiful Things Events', everything was stripped away leaving nothing but their music and the crowd. People were encouraged to interact with these ideas, explore and maybe express something. Michael describes these times as deeply spiritual moments: "I purposefully didn't talk much or try to get people to do anything along with us," Michael Gungor recalls. "But somehow in that lack of pressure, we started having these deeply spiritual moments in the room together, and by the end of the night, people might be crying or dancing or maybe just sitting there in silence, but there was something real happening among us." 'A Creation Liturgy' is your opportunity to reflect on these concepts for yourself, through Gungors expansive and experimental sound. This album is more than simply music, it's an insightful book, a reflective trance and a transformative experience - "music doesn't have to fit the mold to move people's hearts, and at the end of the day, that's really what we're trying to do. We're trying to make honest music that opens people's hearts."


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