A Faith To Die For Paperback Book

Artist: Mark Geppert


Barcode: 9781603748919

£9.34 (was £10.99)
"He stood and looked at us. The weapon was hot and heavy in his hand as he lowered the barrel toward us. His face was streaked with sweat and dirt; his eyes were filled with the horrors of combat. He stared at me and said, 'Are you Mr. Mark?" How can you face death squarely while experiencing an absolute absence of fear? You can if you have hope. You can if you have travelled from Guatemala to Kiev to Beijing and seen God restoring hope in the midst of hopeless situations. Recounting his journey from captivity in Aceh, Indonesia, to freedom, Mark Geppert reveals the reality of knowing a God who never fails us or forsakes us. Mark's incredible testimony is one of belief, action, purpose and a step-by-step growth of faith. "This book reads almost like a Robert Ludlum spy novel; but, in this case, the characters are real and the events actually happened... Read this book and find that God is intimately involved in your daily journey and begin to expect that the mundane can become the miraculous." Dr. Jay Passavant, Senior Pastor, North Way Christian Community, Wexford, Pennsylvania 176 pages