A Gathering of Brothers

Kersten Hamilton


Barcode: 9780784719114

Release date: 09/03/2007

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Caleb has encountered danger in the circus. He's heard the scream of demons, the shriek of tortured metal in a train wreck, and the roar of lions on the loose! Can Caleb reach Thad with the heavenly Father's love before hate consumes him?

Kids ages 8-12 will enjoy this action-suspense series set in the late 1800s. When the circus comes to town, Caleb finds adventure, encounters strange creatures (and even stranger people), and meets a heavenly Father who welcomes all orphans into his family.

About the Author
Kersten Hamilton has over twenty years' experience helping young Christians understand that they have inherited the "family business"-finding, caring for, and bringing as many "orphans" as possible to our heavenly Father. Kersten has written twenty-two books, including the Millie Keith series. She lives with her husband, Mark, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have three grown children.


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