A Question of Origins DVD



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This is an amazing DVD which carefully examines creation and evolution. The purpose of the DVD is to take the viewer on an inspiring journey through science and the Scriptures in search of man's origins (Genesis). The DVD rigously examines the latest discoveries in Cosmology, Chemistry, Biology and asks the question 'Does the observable evidence support evolution?' or 'Has the evolutionary bias blinded many to the overwhelming data that points to an awesome Creator?' It is stated that 'understanding mankind's true origin is essential in determining one's final destiny.' As one sits down and views the evidence presented it is clear to me that there is overwhelming actual evidence for believing that I was created by a Creator and that I am not evolving from the 'slim to the divine'. An amazing DVD which has been well research and is multilanguage including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Serbian, and Slovakian. One of the narrators was himself a teacher of evolution for a time but when he explored the creation alternative was overwhelmed by the evidence and now spends his life speaking out the truth of man's genesis and destiny. An excellant DVD which can be used as a tool to enable one to make ones own decision about evolution or creation.


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