Absent DVD

Various Artists


Barcode: 5060256821069

Release date: 01/11/2013

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Justin Hunt's award-winning documentary Absent focuses on the impact of disengaged fathers.

Absent explores the nature and consequences of the 'father wound', the most universal affliction on the planet, according to Hunt. Franciscan spiritual leader and author Richard Rohr popularized the term, which he used to describe the negative psychological and developmental effects on children when they lack positive emotional contact with their fathers.

It includes interviews with a wide variety of people including prostitutes, kids from inner-city high schools, world champion boxer Johnny Tapia, author John Eldredge and James Hetfield, front man for the heavy metal band Metallica. 'The father wound is so deep and so all-pervasive in so many parts of the world that its healing could well be the most radical social reform conceivable.'


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