African American Church Leadership: Principles for Effective Ministry and Community Leadership (Parker Books)

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Barcode: 9780825442735

Release date: 07/08/2013

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How can African American church leaders maximize their leadership potential? What are current models for effective leadership in the African American Christian community? This book answers those questions and more with up-to-date research and current best practices regarding leadership principles and strategies. African American church communities and those who interact with and work with these communities will find this book particularly useful.

About the Author

Dr. Lee N. June (PhD, University of Illinois) is a professor of psychology, African studies, and African-American studies at Michigan State University. Dr. June has authored and edited several books of importance to the African American Christian community, including Yet With a Steady Beat: The Black Church through a Psychological and Biblical Lens.

Dr. Paul Cannings is founder and pastor of Living Word Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas. He is also president of Power Walk Ministries, a global leadership training ministry, and adjunct professor at the College of Biblical Studies all in Houston, Texas. His radio ministry can be heard locally in Houston on KHCB 105.7 FM, including a weekly Bible study on "The Pastor's Corner," a weekly live question and answer program, and a daily morning program. Dr. Cannings is also the creator of the popular "Leadership Training" series, designed for training pastors and lay leaders.


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