An Atheist's Journey To The Cross Paperback Book

Kirstie Wells


Barcode: 9788889127735

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What Happens When an Avowed Atheist Comes Face-to-Face With God? If a voice spoke to you from 'out of the blue,' what would you think? This book is the consequence of what happens to a rational, normal person when such an event occurs. This is a story full of wonder, hope, and love. ÔùªWONDER at a God so committed to you that He will never let go. ÔùªHOPE for all those you pray for! God answers prayer and is at work in the hearts of all men. ÔùªLOVE so profound that God pursues even those who reject Him! In this amazing narrative account, you will see the hand of God working in the life of a God-hater, who through His saving grace, becomes a God-friend. This journey takes you from the Highlands of Scotland to the lowlands of France, into the depths of the Black Forest, and on to the United States. Be encouraged. God will never stop His relentless love pursuit of the human race!


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