Before The Beginning Of Our World Paperback

Artist: Don Cobble


Barcode: 9781610361255

£3.49 (was £7.99)
This is an extraordinarily remarkable book that is endorsed by Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Stan Goodeough, and Chris Mitchell. The authors, Don Cobble and Mona Johnian, unveil many mysteries behind the creation of our world. Major topics within this book include:

• Archangels
• Worship
• Lucifer
• The Kingdom of God
• The Heart of God
• Understanding the Mystery
• The Eternal Kingdom

This paragraph from the book helps us to understand the authors' focus in part: Fallen human nature can be changed into the image of God. Before the foundations of the earth were laid, this was the plan: to have a kingdom of holy people, from His own blood, whose hearts and lives were blended with His.

120 pages