Born to Win: Keeping Your Firstborn Edge without Losing Your Balance

Dr. Kevin Leman


Barcode: 9780800732622

Release date: 10/12/2011

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Firstborns are the natural movers, shakers, and leaders of the world. They can accomplish anything they set their minds to. They're the high achievers, the benchmark setters, the business moguls, the concert violinists, the heads of the P.T.A. . But if they're out of balance, they can be overly perfectionistic, driven, and critical. They can become controllers (everything has to go their way) or pleasers (they exhaust themselves in meeting the demands of others). Now available in trade paper, Born to Win identifies the qualities of firstborns . . . and there's a catch. Just because someone is the firstborn child in the family doesn't mean they'll have a firstborn personality. They can be third in a group of four siblings and still have a firstborn personality! Dr. Kevin Leman reveals why. He helps firstborns understand their natural advantages while becoming aware of their weaknesses and learning how to sidestep them for the highest level of personal success at home, at school, at work, and in relationships. And he helps those who live or work with firstborns to understand them better. This fun, informative, and practical book will keep readers engaged and provide many "aha!" moments.

From Publishers Weekly
What do Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie have in common? And how do they share that certain something with Ulysses S. Grant? They're all first-borns, and in this breezy book, psychologist and birth order expert Leman delves into how birth order influences the first-born personality and upends some conventional thinking (e.g., only children and the first child of either sex is automatically a first-born--hence Jolie who has an elder brother can be classified as such) and illustrates first-borns' classic traits: reliability, perfectionism, a penchant for list making and black-and-white thinking, some social introversion but strong leadership abilities. Gender, parental treatment and family size are just as important as chronology, argues the author, who does an admirable job balancing the hope and hype of familial ranking and integrates compelling theories about how schooling and relationships work to address how first-borns can maximize desirable personality traits and minimize liabilities. His spirited and exceptionally easy read will appeal to those readers interested in understanding better whence they came and how to move forward with success. (Sept.)
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From the Inside Flap
How can you put your firstborn tendencies to work for you? The Firstborn Advantage reveals the secrets. In this fascinating book, bestselling author, humorist, and psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman shows you how to * take advantage of being a firstborn * overcome the perfectionism that holds you back * learn how to bounce back when you fail * find balance in your work and relationships * find out what you really want from life * motivate your children to do well in school without doing their homework for them * relate to others who are not firstborns--a spouse, a friend, a co-worker Whether you are the firstborn in your family or the functional firstborn, The Firstborn Advantage can help you win every time, all the time, without sacrificing your dreams in the process. Dr. Leman shows you how it's done. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.


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