Burlap To Cashmere CD

Artist: Burlap To Cashmere


Barcode: 0886979150928

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Stepping back into the spotlight after a decade away takes an unusually high degree of musical integrity. For folk-rock pioneers Burlap to Cashmere, a band that built a reputation for both exceptional studio projects and as an unyielding touring act in the late ´?¢90s, that integrity shines through on a new self-titled, 11-track project. Burlap to Cashmere have an inspired blend of Mediterranean rhythms, rootsy textures and tight-knit harmonies, which lend the unmistakable air of folk-rock greats Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens. With their core lineup intact ´?¢ singer/ guitarist/songwriter Steven Delopoulos, guitarist John Philippidis and drummer Theodore Pagano ´?¢ Burlap to Cashmere return with renewed focus, drive and energy. ´?¢There´?¢s something about family and people you´?¢ve known forever that makes the chemistry happen,´?¢ Delopoulos says. ´?¢There´?¢s a sense of honesty and trust. That´?¢s Burlap to Cashmere.´?¢ On their first album in more than a decade, Burlap to Cashmere draw from all the influences that made them a touchstone band: Mediterranean and Greek rhythms, flamenco and classic American folk, to create a rich body of work that embraces the past while crystallising their new creative vision.