Celebrating Jesus In The Biblical Feasts Paperback Book

Artist: Richard Booker


Barcode: 9780768427370

Weaving the Scarlet Thread From the Feasts of Israel to Jesus! This intriguing and biblically sound book clearly shows the significance of each Feast of the Lord´?¢and how they all point to Jesus. Dr. Richard Booker depicts the unity found in God´?¢s unfolding purposes for His people, be they Jew or Gentile, from the new birth found in Passover and the Crucifixion, all the way to entering God´?¢s rest found in the Feast of Tabernacles and the Second Coming. The Always-Present One said to Moses, ´?¢Tell the people of Israel: ´?¢You will announce the Always-Present One´?¢s appointed feasts (festivals) as holy gatherings. These {are} My special feasts (Leviticus 23:1-2 PEB). The Feasts of the Lord given originally to Israel are pictures of the Messiah, and represent seven phases of spiritual growth in the life of believers: ´?¢ Passover. ´?¢ Unleavened Bread. ´?¢ First Fruits. ´?¢ Pentecost. ´?¢ Trumpets. ´?¢ Atonement. ´?¢ Tabernacles. Welcome the relevance and richness of celebrating the feasts today! 204 pages