Chronology of Israel's Kings and Prophets (pack of 5)

Rose Publishing


Barcode: 9781628628067

Release date: 01/04/2019

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Easily cover decades of IsraelÕs history at a glance with this slimlinepamphlet packed with side-by-side chapter overviews. This easyto-read chronology takes you through the books of 1 and 2 Samuel,1 and 2 Kings, and 1 and 2 Chronicles chapter by chapter.This pamphlet helps Bible readers keep track of whoÕs who andwhat happened when in IsraelÕs history. Compare the stories ofkings such as David and Solomon with the many kings of Israel andJudah, as well the ministries of prophets such as Samuel, Elijah,and Elisha.YouÕll discover fascinating insights into these historical books. Forexample, did you know . . .¥ The book of 2 Samuel tells the story of King David andBathsheba and the family strife that followed, but the book of1 Chronicles skips over this disappointing history of DavidÕsreign?¥ The book of 1 Chronicles begins with a detailed genealogy allthe way from Adam to King Saul?¥ While the books of 1 and 2 Kings include detailed accounts ofElijahÕs and ElishaÕs ministries, 1 and 2 Chronicles focus mainlyon stories of the kings?


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