Church Staff Handbook: How to Build an Effective Ministry Team

Westing, Harold J.


Barcode: 9780825442797

Release date: 07/12/2012

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This helpful resource provides a blueprint for developing a spiritually strong and effective ministry team in the local church. Pastors will find the book useful as a regular reference to "tune up" their staff to foster a healthy, unified, effective team.

About the Author
Harold J. Westing, a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Grace College, and Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, is director of the Center for Leadership Development in Littleton, Colorado. He has served as Associate Professor of Christian Education and Pastoral Ministries and Dean of Student at Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary and as the National Director of Christian Education Ministries for the Conservative Baptist Association of America. Recognized as an authority on church growth and education, his other works include Evaluate and Grow, I'd Love to Tell the World, Super Superintendent, and Building Biblical Values.


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