Countdown To The Second Coming (Paperback)


Paperback Book

Barcode: 9781928660194

At last, a book that presents in a concise manner the events leading up to the return of Christ, Dave Hunt, in his characteristic direct style, answers these pervasive questions: Who is the Antichrist? How will he be recognised? What current events indicate that we really are in the last days of the "last days"?

For those who seek to understand the times from a biblical perspective, this little volume provides a concise summary of historic and current world events that will excite, encourage, and equip God's people to boldly proclaim the Gospel to this generation. With clarity and conviction, Dave dispels popular distortions of the Last Days, and demonstrates how believers can minister effectively without fear or anxiety, "redeeming the time, because the days are evil" (Ephesians 5:15-16). Originally published in 1991 by Harvest House. TBC's  2013 edition sports a fresh cover for a new generation of Bereans!

Table of Contents:

The Ultimate Falsehood
Peaceful Words, Provocative Deeds
Are We There Yet?
Measuring What Cannot Be Measured
Infinite Mystery, Perpetual Joy
The Ultimate Hope 
90 pages.