Crushing The Spirits Of Greed And Poverty Paperback Book

Artist: Sandie Freed


Barcode: 9780800794903

This book provides a fresh perspective on the biblical messages of ´?¢Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also´?¢ and ´?¢The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.´?¢ Sandie Freed reveals the real root of money problems: ancient demonic allies seducing believers away from a generous God. With insight and wisdom, Freed exposes these evil spirits of Mammon and Babylon--spirits so subtle in their deception that many believers aren´?¢t aware they are serving false gods. Freed arms readers to fight these strongholds with the powerful Word of God and real-life, personal examples of victory as she shows them how to break their bondages to wealth, riches, status, and anxiety over finances. Not a book on how to create a budget, make money, or invest wisely, this new release empowers readers to seek God´?¢s wisdom and favor concerning wealth. Only then can believers find financial--and spiritual--freedom. 224 pages