Culture Shock-A Survival Guide for Teens

Julie Hiramine


Barcode: 9780784733059

Release date: 09/01/2011

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Culture Shock is a cutting edge, hands-on youth ministry resource for teens that anchors them in the truth of God and enables them to stand against the tide of culture--with purity and integrity--by giving them the tools they need to make God-honouring choices when faced with challenging situations.

Culture Shock--A Survival Guide for Teens will help students stay strong as they take their stand to be pure in heart, mind, and body and pursue a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.

Culture Shock--A Survival Guide for Teens is a highly interactive journal that prompts students to go deeper in their understanding of God's Word and current culture. There are three units of material in the Survival Guide for each of the five Culture Shock sessions.

' The variety of features ensures that there's something for every student, regardless of maturity level and learning style.

' The Survival Guide can be used during a large event, small group, or personal quiet time.

' The wealth of material allows for the flexibility to tailor the resource to the students' week as well as the needs of the group.

About the Author


With vast experience in youth ministry, church planting, and nonprofit work, Julie Hiramine founded Generations of Virtue, a ministry that's raising a generation to boldly stand against the tide of culture. Her heart for teens and passion for purity have inspired hundreds of thousands worldwide, as well as the team around her. Julie and her husband, Kay, reside in colourado Springs, colourado, with their five children.


The Generations of Virtue team probably isn't what you'd expect. We're just your average globe-trotting, coffee-addicted Jesus freaks who are passionate about spreading God's message of purity and holiness to youth, parents, and pretty much anyone who will listen. When we aren't on the road, we live, work, and play in colourado Springs, colourado.


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