Cut and Move CD

Day Of Fire


Barcode: 083061079420

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In just over a year since their debut release, Day Of Fire has accomplished many things most new artists only dream of - awards, tours and television appearances. When you ask lead singer Joshua Brown what he´?¢s learned from all this, it´?¢s not about the awards of places that they´?¢ve travelled but the people they´?¢ve met. 'I want to show people the love of God in action, loving people for who they are.'

On their second release the band reaches out through song on topics such as addiction, abuse and abandoment and offers hope in the love of God. 'This album is about identifying with the pain and insecurity that we all feel as people and finding hope in the love that is far greater than anything we have ever experienced,' says Josh Brown. 'I realise we are all in a desperate and constant need of the love of God.' It´?¢s this passion for connecting with people and encouraging them that sets Day Of Fire apart.


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