Dance As The Spirit Moves Paperback Book

Artist: Heather Clark


Barcode: 9780768428186

´?¢Then young women of Israel will be happy and dance. The young men and old men will also dance. I will change their sadness into happiness. I will give them comfort and joy instead of sadness.´?¢ (Jeremiah 31:13 PEB). This book teaches you how release and fulfil the desire of your heart to worship before your Lord in DANCE! From victory dances to healing and wall-breaking dances, you will discover how exciting and enjoyable biblical dance is, and how it can be part of your Christian life. You will discover the reasons for dance; five Spirit-led dances; dance oils of anointing; four stages of art in the Church and fivefold ministries and the arts. This book also provides practical steps to building a dance ministry. It focuses on dancers, worship leaders, and church leaders-revealing ways all three groups can work together in unity for a greater release of personal and corporate creativity. Be open to what God may want to do creatively through you. Allow yourself to be used in any way that God chooses-Dance As the Spirit Moves. 208 pages