Dancing Into The Anointing Paperback Book

Artist: Aimee Verduzco Kovacs


Barcode: 9781560432777

´?¢Let them praise His name in the dance. To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron.´?¢ (Psalm 149: 3, 8) Praising the Lord through dance is a spiritual principle that, when followed, yields rewards similar to tithing. When we follow God´?¢s command to dance and offer our bodies as living sacrifices to Him, God opens up the windows of Heaven, pours out His blessings, and manifests His anointing in the midst of us. Sickness, poverty and failure have to flee as the anointing destroys the yokes of bondage, and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of God. In Dancing Into the Anointing, you will learn about the dancing Bride of Christ, the Tabernacles of Moses and David, the Temple of Solomon and the prophetic dance. You will also learn how to encourage the pastor, the musicians, the dancers and the congregation to flow together, how to start a dance team at your church, and much more. 114 pages