Daniel - Faith Under Fire: Spring Harvest Bible Study Workbook

Artist: Elizabeth McQuoid


Barcode: 9781850786177

Release date: 01/04/2009

It was the end of life as they knew it. God's chosen people had been taken by force from the Promised Land and faced an uncertain future in the alien, pagan culture of Babylon. Where was God? Why had he allowed this to happen? How could they 'sing the Lord's song in a strange land'? Daniel rose to the challenge and shows us how we too can 'sing the Lord's song' in a post-modern world which has no time for God. Daniel did not waste time longing for the past but resolutely determined to live for God in his present situation. He excelled in his work, rising to a position of highest influence in Babylon where even the king listened to him and bowed down before God. Danield's faith was literally tested by fire but his God - and our God - proves himself faithful in the most extreme of situations.

Further background reading and resources for this workbook can be found in the 2005 study guide 'Sing' - a useful companion for small group leaders.

Contents: (including Leaders' guide and notes)
Session 1: Co-operation without compromise
Session 2: Ultimate triumph
Session 3: Faith under fire
Session 4: Heaven rules
Session 5: A play for power
Session 6: Tried and tested

Recommendations: "First class material for small group work can be hard to find - but you have found it now. Whether you are a homegroup member, a leader or a pastor, these workbooks offer everything you need for individual or group study." - Stephen Gaukroger

About the Author: Elizabeth McQuoid earned her Master of Divinity in America. She is a Bible teacher and speaker and writes for a number of Christian publications. Her recent titles include a selection of the Spring Harvest workbooks and Keswick study guides.