Deliverance From Toxic Memories Paperback Book

Ken & Jeanne Harrington


Barcode: 9780768403619

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When a young elephant is chained up by its trainer, the animal´?¢s initial response is to try and escape. Several attempts later, the elephant recognises that freedom is not possible and accepts the chains as normal. Once this is ´?¢learned´?¢, the trainer can use a simple rope to hold one of the most powerful animals. The same thing happens to many people with their minds. They become used to unhealthy patterns of thinking and destructive memories. Sadly, it becomes embraced as ´?¢normal life.´?¢ This is not God´?¢s perfect will for you! Authors Ken and Jeanne Harrington provide extensive research and relevant Bible teaching empowering you to experience freedom today by: ´?¢ Understanding how toxic memories negatively impact your physical and spiritual health ´?¢ Exposing the lies you believe about yourself and replace them with transformational Truth ´?¢ Positioning you to live in the love and complete forgiveness of God Reclaim your memories and take your life back! 256 pages


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