Demons: The Answer Book Paperback Book

Artist: Lester Sumrall


Barcode: 9780883683293

The Devil is real, and his demonic presence can be seen and felt in this world in a powerful way. Yet, according to Lester Sumrall, we can wage war upon the Devil, and we can win through the power given to us by Jesus Christ! Find out why you can expect demons to fall to the divine power and why you can expect to win! Contents Introduction 1 Bitten by Demons 2 Who Is the Devil and What Are Demons? 3 How Jesus Dealt with the Devil 4 How I Learned to Cast Out Demons 5 Where Satan Dwells 6 Proven Ways to Recognize Demon Power 7 Going to the Devil, Step by Step 8 Can a Christian Have a Demon? 9 Satan´?¢s Subtle Snares 10 Taking Authority over Demons Appendix: Names for Satan and Demon Spirits in the Bible 139 pages.