Dr Healthnut: Vital Food Lessons Hardback

Artist: David Nico


Barcode: 9781629112855


Most people don´?¢t realize how much their food choices affect their health and sense of well-being. You may wonder why so many people fail to maintain a healthy weight, producing a vicious cycle of lifelong weight problems and disease. Or, perhaps you struggle with knowing just what are the right foods to eat.
Dr. Healthnut says,´?¢Healthnuts are not really´?¢crazy´?¢ ´?¢ they´?¢re just everyday people who want to make healthier lifestyle choices.´?¢ You can change what, why and how you eat in order to achieve optimal wellness.
Many diet plans try to promote a one-size-fits-all program. Dr Healthnut: Vital Food Lessons provides you with practical tools and effective principles you can personalise and implement step-by-step. No matter what level of health you currently experience, the healthnut life will help you to attain a sounder, healthier body.
Achieving wholeness in your life requires multiple dimensions of health. Yet, by taking progressive steps toward healthier eating, you will be on the road to wellness ´?¢ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
256 pages