Easter In The Garden

Artist: Kennedy, Pamela


Barcode: 9780824955779

Release date: 15/01/2008

£1.00 (was £8.99)

Pamela Kennedy deftly weaves a touching retelling of the first Easter as seen through a child's tender eyes. Micah was in the garden checking on a nest of eggs, only to return home to sad news. -"What's happening?" Micah asked as his mother held him tightly. Micah's mother told him that something very sad had happened. Their friend Jesus was dead. Bad men had killed him. After hearing the news Micah was sad and scared. Several days later, Micah went into town to check on the nest of eggs again when something wonderful happened. He overheard a man tell a group of women that Jesus was alive and that they should tell others the good news. One of the speckled eggs was cracked. As he looked more closely, Micah saw a tiny beak poking out of the shell. The egg was beginning to hatch! ""Jesus is alive little bird!"" Micah whispered. "You don't have to hide! It's safe to come out of your shell now because Jesus is alive!" Alive with illustrations, this original retelling of the first Easter from the eyes of a child is sure to become a new family favourite.