Elevating Excellence Paperback Book

Curtis Wallace


Barcode: 9780768403435

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The 10 Leadership Qualities that Will Take Your Organisation to Next Level Success Every leader has to make choices. Some move the organisation forward with great momentum and success. Unfortunately, wrong decisions have the ability to stagnate your organisation and hold you back from achieving greatness. Curtis Wallace has successfully navigated both the corporate and faith worlds. More than high concept and ear-tickling theory, Wallace delivers 10 practical keys that empower you to make the choices that set you and your organisation up for excellence. This book is your essential how-to guide on topics such as: power of a big idea; how to stay focused in a world of distraction; learning when to say ´?¢Yes´?¢; importance of branding; teaming up to win; next level success is 10 steps away. Unlock your leadership potential, transform your organisation and experience ´?¢elevated excellence´?¢ today! 124 pages


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