Escape From Terror Paperback Book

Artist: Bill Basansky


Barcode: 9781591857204

Follow a nine-year-old boy through this fast-paced true story of his escape from Nazi Germany. Author Bill Basansky is the boy, Vasili, who lives with his family in a tiny three-room house during a time of worldwide turmoil in Ukraine in the 1930s. The personal story recalls such memories as his family's torture, persecution, and murder under Stalin's Communist regime, his father's abusive treatment of the entire family, and his mother's obstinate refusal to give in to utter despair. Vasili's memoir makes the horrific events of World War II come alive as it is woven alongside historical accounts of Stalin's murderous rampage against the Ukranian people and Hitler's conscripted labour and death camps. The steadfast faith of Bill's great-grandmother, Babunia, gives the family hope as they draw together to find their dream of living in the land of milk and honey, America. 320 pages