Experiencing God's Presence Paperback Book

Artist: Linda Evans Shepherd


Barcode: 9780800722142

God wants to hear from you--but he also wants you to hear from him What if every time you had a conversation, your best friend never got a word in edgewise? Your relationship would be less than fulfilling ´?¢ for both of you! In the same way, a fulfilling prayer life is more than just regularly talking to God. And it´?¢s more than checking items off a prayer list. God loves us so much that he wants us to draw close enough not only to talk but also to listen. Now, from the award-winning author of When You Don´?¢t Know What to Pray comes a bold and life-transforming book that will help you nurture a vibrant two-way relationship with God. Linda Evans Shepherd shows you how to develop a dialogue with God, continually seeking him and seeing him at work in your life. Steeped in Scripture and filled with personal stories of answered prayer, this book also includes sample prayers and action steps you can put into practice immediately. ´?¢If you long for a relationship with God that is deeper, richer, and more intimate than you´?¢ve ever known before, read this book. In Experiencing God´?¢s Presence, Linda Evans Shepherd reveals the secrets of learning how to listen to God during your prayer times. Each chapter is filled with practical, biblical tools that will enrich your prayer life and draw you closer to the heart of the Father.´?¢ Carol Kent, speaker and author. 224 pages