Facedown Paperback

Artist: Matt Redman


Barcode: 9780830765096

Most believers understand that worship is not a compartmentalised aspect of the Christian experience but rather it is the motivation ´?¢ the driving force ´?¢ behind all that we do and are. We exist to worship God. For years we have been basking in God's love and worshipping Him with uplifted hands and hearts. Now we need to go deeper and see that God is also an awesome, mysterious being that should engender our silent, even dumbstruck reverence for His holiness, His "otherness". Until we are undone by the knowledge of who God is in all His glory, we will only touch the edges of true worship. Matt Redman says, "When we face up to the glory of God, we find oursleves face down in worship." This book shows the biblical record of those who found themselves prostrate before God. 112 pages