Faith Hope Love - and Everything In Between

Artist: Mick Brooks


Barcode: 9781853455988

Release date: 12/09/2011

£8.99 (was £9.99)

Learn how faith, hope and love can influence the progress of our spiritual journey, as we grapple with the big questions of life, all seen and influenced by our world view, including
ÔÇó What is holiness?
ÔÇó Living with mystery
ÔÇó Living in the light of eternity
ÔÇó Living with other people

This book clearly and simply distils practical, biblical truths for both new Christians and those more established in their faith. For centuries philosophers, theologians, writers, preachers and taxi drivers have sought answers to the really BIG questions, such as, 'Who am I? Why am I alive? Is there a God?' The book considers some similarly challenging questions that should guide the reader into a deeper knowledge of God's truth. Mirroring the mind of Selwyn Hughes, this is timely teaching for church leaders and all Christians who wish to reach those who are in the utterly secular world and have no understanding of the Christian faith. We are shown the difference faith, hope and love can make. The Christian life is a thrilling journey and not just our final destination, with many twists and turns, all vital to our growth, but we are not alone - 'God is on the journey too'...