Father Cry Paperback Book

Artist: Billy Wilson


Barcode: 9780800795382

We are living in a fatherless generation ´?¢ and it´?¢s become an epidemic. Millions of young people are being raised without father or mother. From this place of woundedness, generations are crying out in anguish and in longing. This global cry ´?¢ pervasive, persistent and passionate ´?¢ has the potential to bring about a spiritual revolution in the earth. Sharing his very personal story, along with biblical examples and keen insight, Billy Wilson reveals how older and younger generations can come together, reclaim what was lost and turn the pain of parental wounding or abandonment into a place of supernatural intimacy and ministry to others. Whether you are crying out for a spiritual father or mother, or yearning to respond to the call, the Father´?¢s arms are opened wide to receive you. 160 pages