Feeling like God: The Emotional Side of Discipleship - and Why You Can't Fully Follow Jesus without It

Chris Tiegreen


Barcode: 9781414315652

Release date: 19/05/2008

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If you've ever been told that "emotions are unreliable," you may wonder what your innermost feelings have to do with your Christian walk. But in Feeling Like God, Chris Tiegreen explains that no matter how much objective truth we've learned, we can't really relate to God unless we know how he feels. As humans made in God's image, we experience nearly the full range of emotions that our Creator does. And whenever the Holy Spirit shows up in Scripture, it always provokes an emotional response, proving that God himself passionately desires to connect with us on an emotional level. Follow Chris Tiegreen beyond an impersonal, distant faith--and learn what it is to feel like God.

About the Author
Chris Tiegreen is a devotional writer and editor for indeed magazine at Walk Thru the Bible in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also been a missionary, pastor, journalist, photographer, and university instructor. He has helped plant churches in Michigan and Idaho, has been a pastor in Florida, and enjoys doing mission work in Thailand. His first Tyndale publication, At His Feet was a Gold Medallion finalist in the devotional category. He and his wife, Hannah, live in the Atlanta area.


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