Finding God In The Bible Paperback Book

Artist: Darren Wilson


Barcode: 9780800795580

Do you see Him as an absentee landlord? A distant deity? An old man in the clouds? Have you heard Him laugh? Have you experienced Him as jealous, protective or wildly loving? Have you seen Him weep for His people or felt His bone-crushing embrace? Do you believe these things are even possible? Maybe you´?¢ve been settling for a caricature of God. You don´?¢t have to. In this poignant and down-to-earth book, popular filmmaker Darren Wilson takes a closer look at God by looking at the way He treats His friends. Through modern-day stories of supernatural experiences and an astonishingly fresh take on familiar Bible stories, you´?¢ll get to know God in a way you never imagined. Learn to hear the thundering beauty of His voice, and begin your own crazy, life-changing friendship with your Creator. 240 pages