Five Views on the Rapture

Rhodes, Ron


Barcode: 9780736928854

Release date: 04/01/2011

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In this new addition to his popular Quick Reference Guides series (more than 325,000 copies sold), apologetics expert Ron Rhodes clearly defines the Rapture and presents the pros and cons of the five prominent views of this event--pretribulational, midtribulational, posttribulational, prewrath, and partial rapture.

With respect for different perspectives, Rhodes answers important questions including:

What is the tribulation period and why is that at the center of the debate?

Which Bible verses do the different views emphasize?

What are the main points of difference and similarity among the views?

Why is understanding the Rapture important to the Christian faith?

How can believers have faith-building conversations with those of different views?

This informative, practical pamphlet sheds light on the most important aspect of the Rapture, that it is an exciting part of God's plan for the future and it will unite Christians with Christ.

Series copy: Quick Reference Guides offer practical, biblical, insights on today's most important topics with concise facts and user-friendly writing. Attractive and affordable, these serve as ideal resources for personal and church reference.

About the Author
Ron Rhodes, president of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, is heard regularly on nationwide radio and is the author of Bite-Size Bible Answers, Bite-Size Bible Definitions, Commonly Misunderstood Bible Verses and 5-Minute Apologetics for Today. He holds ThM and ThD degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and teaches there and at several other seminaries.


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