Jennifer Renee Watson


Barcode: 9780764232701

Release date: 01/04/2019

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Brokenness. We wear it like a badge, proudly showing off the shattered pieces of our lives--while still fighting the same desperate battles. But brokenness was never meant to be the destination. Or your identity. It was meant to be the catalyst for breakthrough.In Freedom! Jennifer Renee Watson helps you take your eyes off the idol of brokenness and experience the God of breakthrough. Throughout this powerfully vulnerable book, she shows how breakthrough is hope moving forward, even when life hurts. Jennifer offers practical, uncomplicated ways to:· stop feeling shame and emptiness· discard the victim mentality · experience lasting restoration in your story and your soul· battle for your freedom with truth your soul needs, reflective questions, and gutsy prayersIt's okay to not be okay for a little while. But Jesus has a plan to see your scars become success stories that reflect His glory to the people around you.


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