Geneva Bible, Genuine Leather

Hendrickson Publishers

Genuine Leather

Barcode: 9781598562132

Release date: 21/12/2007

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Sixteenth century English Protestant scholars were determined to make the scriptures understandable to common people, so that, as William Tyndale famously put it, Òthe boy that driveth the plough should know more of the scripturesÓ than the educated man.However, Queen MaryÕs (1553Ð1558) persecution of her Protestant subjects caused many to flee to the continent to avoid imprisonment or execution. Geneva, Switzerland soon became a center for Protestant biblical scholarship. It was there that a group of the movementÕs leading lights gathered to undertake a fresh translation of the scriptures into English, beginning in 1556.Published in 1560, the Geneva BibleÕs popularity kept it in print until 1644Ñlong after the advent of the Authorized Version (a.k.a. King James Version). It was an English Bible that met the needs of both clergy and laity. Perhaps the Geneva BibleÕs greatest contribution was its commentary, which under girded the emerging practice of sermonizing and helped foster scripture literacy. The Geneva Bible was the first to feature many innovations in the field of Bible publishing:¥ Text printed in readable roman type; 7 pt. type¥ Smyth sewn¥ Division of the text into numbered verses¥ Italic type used for words not in the original languages¥ Marks placed over the accented syllables to aid in pronouncing proper names¥ Extensive textual and explanatory commentary placed in the margins¥ Words/phrases displayed at the heads of pages to promote scripture memorization¥ Maps and woodcuts illustrating biblical scenes included¥ Sold in a variety of sizes so many people could afford a household Bible


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