Glo Bible Premium DVD

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Barcode: 9780982697887

Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the full text of the Scripture to life through HD video, high-res images, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours, customizable Bible reading plans, and a natural user interface for fast, easy, visual navigation on Mac and PC computers. Glo Premium includes Mac´?¢ compatibility, a light installation option, popular translations and expanded functionality with automatic syncing of notes on up to 3 computers, PLUS your iTunes account for syncing iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The most popular features in Glo will be initially available on iPhone and iPad and Mac, with frequent updates to features and content. Glo features five interactive browsing lenses to help you explore the Bible: ´?¢ Bible ´?¢The most read, most trusted NIV translation of the Bible alongside the ESV, the Message and the KJV in its natural order, with resources and media related to each verse. ´?¢ Atlas´?¢See where major stories of the Bible happened geographically alongside map overlays, tours, photos, and HD video. ´?¢ Timeline´?¢View biblical events chronologically and visually through a zoomable interface. ´?¢ Topical´?¢Address major life questions and thousands of subjects through relevant verses and media and content from leading pastors, scholars, and other experts. ´?¢ Media´?¢Browse biblical content by media type, including a huge collection of HD video, virtual tours, articles, photos, art, and more. Additional features include: ´?¢ 450+ virtual tours ´?¢ 3.5 hours+ of HD videos ´?¢ 2,300+ high-resolution photographs ´?¢ 7,500+ articles ´?¢ 650+ works of art ´?¢ 140+ maps ´?¢ Bestselling NIV Study Bible Notes and Bible Encyclopedia ´?¢ Links to relevant web articles, resource videos, and more ´?¢ Zoomable, interactive atlas, timeline, and topical browser ´?¢ Customizable Bible reading plans ´?¢ Personalized Bible notes and journal ´?¢ Multi-device support to sync your notes and bookmarks instantly across up to 3 computers, PLUS your iTunes account for syncing iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch ´?¢ Optimized performance and reduced minimum system requirements (1 GB minimum free hard disc space for light install, 18GB for full media install)