God's Covenant With You For Life And Favour Paperback

Artist: John Eckhardt


Barcode: 9781629980140

Success is a covenant blessing guaranteed by God to His covenant people Covenant is the foundation of everything that we are as believers. God´?¢s Covenant With You for Successful Living specifically addresses God´?¢s promise to bless you and empower you for success (Josh. 1:8). Clearly communicating that your achievement is directly connected to God´?¢s divine plan for you, John Eckhardt shows you how to: ´?¢ Overcome the past so you can live in and enjoy the present ´?¢ Receive and follow the wisdom of God ´?¢ Tackle the unexpected with courage and boldness God has already marked a path of success for you to follow. When we stay true to our covenant with Him, we can be sure that for every circumstance we face, it is God´?¢s everlasting covenant that will bring us through to victory. 128 pages