God's Generals For Kids Volume 3: John Alexander Dowie Paperback Book

Olly Goldenberg & Roberts Liardon


Barcode: 9781610361187

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Written for 8 to 12 year olds, the third volume in the God´?¢s Generals for Kids series deals with the life and ministry of John Alexander Dowie. God used him to bring salvation and healing to untold thousands of people. Dowie´?¢s life was filled with many battles. He discovered, though, that the harder the battle, the greater the victory that God gave to him. This book shares some of those struggles and victories in a way that brings the young reader closer to God. Dowie was opposed by many people. The authorities even tried to close down his healing home, and the police arrested him more than 100 times! People even tried to kill him, but it seemed that nothing would ever stop him. Near the end of his life, though, when things went badly wrong for him, Dowie was distracted from what God called him to do. This book shows the reader that when we stand up for God, He will stand up for us. It is filled with phenomenal stories of God at work through the life of one man who simply wanted to please God. 184 pages


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