God's Generals For Kids Volume 8: John G Lake

Artist: Olly Goldenberg & Roberts Liardon


Barcode: 9781610361422

This is the eighth book in the very popular series for children on the lives of the great generals of the faith. One such general was John G Lake, an extraordinary man who was once a wealthy businessman who gave everything up to follow God. As he did so, he learned that God could use him in supernatural ways. During his five years of ministry in South Africa, John Lake saw more than 100,000 people come to the Lord and 625 churches were established. This book shares his life in very moving and compelling ways. He established healing rooms, which are continuing to this day. In the city of Spokane, Washington, many people were healed through the ministry of the healing rooms. This porbably played a large role in the United States governmental statistics that declared Spokane to be the healthiest city in America. The reader will be amazed to see what God can do through the life of a single person who is yielded to Him, as John Lake was. Children will be inspired to seek God more fully for themselves and to believe in His power to perform miracles. Like John Lake, they will want to show God to people through love and godly living. John Lake´?¢s grandson wrote, ´?¢Grandfather had the power of God in his life because he was utterly consumed with the prize: A closer walk with Jesus Christ and a better, clearer, more personal understanding of the nature of God and the purpose of man´?¢s journey through this world. The reward for his focus on the prize was the gift of healing he operated in so strongly. It was a good gift, but his life goal was still not healing. His goal was still a closer walk with God.´?¢ 184 pages