God's Grace for Couples

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Hard Cover

Barcode: 9781535917223

Release date: 01/06/2018

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If God’s grace could talk . . . Actually, it already has. And is. And does. And here’s what it sounds like. It sounds like hope for days when life feels absolutely overwhelming. It sounds like promise that speaks into every relationship, no matter how desperately in need or how dear to your heart. It sounds like sufficiency in all those places where none of us is ever good enough. It sounds like confidence that would make no sense at all except the full weight of God is steadfastly behind it. If God’s grace could talk, it would sound exactly like what this book says in every Scripture on every page. And it wouldn’t sound nearly as old as it actually is, because it’s new every morning and within instant reach at every moment. It would sound like God, talking directly to you. Because He is. And does. And always does it with grace.


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