God's Power For Your Life Paperback Book

Artist: A W Tozer


Barcode: 9780830765379

Live the Word in power. A W Tozer, one of the twentieth century Church´?¢s most profound thinkers and pastors, believed that reading the Bible wasn´?¢t enough ´?¢ the Word must come alive in the Christian´?¢s life. It isn´?¢t enough to read Scripture and then try to obey its commands; rather, living by the power of the Word is a Spirit-enabled transformation that leads to the Word becoming incarnate within the believer´?¢s life. In God´?¢s Power for Your Life, the tenth book in a new library of never-before-published work by the renowned writer, Tozer teaches readers how to allow themselves to be shaped by the Spirit´?¢s work as they study of the Word of God. 224 pages